Kids Maine Style


My little ones and their Maine style. I was really inspired one morning when I woke up and the fog was so thick I couldn’t see our back lot out the kitchen window. I woke the kids as gently as I kid and dressed them in their favorite fall sweaters from last year. Luckily they still fit; hooray for oversized kids sweaters! Roman fussed, but we stopped at our favorite cafe for a morning treat, and made it to the beach by 8am.

Worth it, if you ask me.

In flowers

ameliapetals copy

Amelia, in flowers.

Lately we’ve been enjoying summer by spending every single day at the beach. Photos of the beach get rather repetitive which is why I haven’t posted as many lately. However, I’m thinking of taking the kids here, which should make for some beautiful landscape-esque photos. I feel I’m in need of a new lens. Mine is in great working condition, but I’d like another- more portrait friendly.

out of the woods


this is another from my 2nd star to the right series. i feel like this series isn’t quite finished. . . the photos are what i want them to be, and they work together very nicely, but it feels incomplete when i view it.